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  • SBU Students/WSHU Radio win National Edward R. Murrow Award

    Alongside my classmates at the The School of Communication and Journalism at Stony Brook University and WSHU Radio, a NPR affiliate network, we received the 2021 national Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Audio Feature Reporting – for our series “Slavery on Long Island: The History That We Forget to Remember.”  The project also…

  • Go Banking Rates pt.1

    As a freelance journalist, I have covered several celebrity net-worths. Below is a compilation of some of my highlighted pieces.

  • Tipping Point within a Tipping Point within a Tipping Point

    Right now in 2020, there are three epidemics co-existing in the United States. In the poignant non-fiction The Tipping Point written by Malcom Gladwell, you can understand how epidemics ignite through “Tipping Points”: The point at which a series of small changes become significant enough to cause a larger, more important change. The first was…