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There are 256 Chemically-Contaminated Sites on Long Island

Twenty years after the closing of Lawrence Aviation Industries in Port Jefferson Station, a toxic groundwater plume and New York Supreme Court trial are still ongoing. The abandoned plant sits on 126 acres nestled between residential streets near Sheep Pasture Road. It was once a manufacturer of titanium sheeting for the aeronautics industry but closed […]

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Suffolk County Tackles Single-Use Plastic

A proposed fifth bill in a series of single-use plastic bills was laid on the table at a Suffolk County legislature public hearing, Tuesday March 5, that would require vendors to implement sustainable packing measures. This bill would require businesses to transition from plastic materials, like styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap, to paper or cardboard […]

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The Wonders Of New York’s Metro Reptile Expo

Photos and article by Katherine Hoey. Originally in The Stony Brook Press It was a wet Sunday afternoon, and the parking lot outside the Westchester County Center was nearly full. Fog cut off the tips of the buildings. Groups of people of all ages and backgrounds were returning to their cars, carrying glass tanks of […]

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Living “Crazy”

Originally in The Stony Brook Press To the two pre-med students on the bus: I’m sorry you had no form of entertainment today — no interesting patient story to share with your pre-med friends.  I’m sorry that no one was crazy enough for you and that you didn’t get to look on in amusement while someone […]

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Columnist Carl Zimmer Discusses How Fake News Hurts Scientists

Originally in The Statesmen On Thursday, Oct. 12, Carl Zimmer, The New York Times speaker and columnist, spoke to a packed crowdat Stony Brook University’s Charles B. Wang Center about the consequences of fake news. He discussed the power of fake news in affecting the credibility of the science community — especially in regard to climate change.  […]

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