Center Moriches man who contracted coronavirus ‘feeling 100% better,’ waiting to be cleared

Freelance article for Greater Moriches. A Center Moriches man who contracted the coronavirus and shared his story with the world on social media said he is doing much better after 14 days in quarantine.  “I’m feeling 100 percent better today and trying to get tested,” said Christopher Yackel, 47, who was one of the first… Continue reading Center Moriches man who contracted coronavirus ‘feeling 100% better,’ waiting to be cleared

Meal prep and ideas in case of COVID-19 quarantine

You want to feel safe and secure for the looming weeks or months ahead. Panic is everywhere and you may feel obligated to run out and stock up ‘cause everyone else seems to be doing it. While it’s important we all stay proactive in the face of COVID-19, let’s not ignore the reality of what’s… Continue reading Meal prep and ideas in case of COVID-19 quarantine

Press picks: Songs of the summer 2019

"Doin’ Time” by Lana Del Rey by Katherine Hoey Originally on The Press. In Lana Del Rey’s typically hypnotic fashion, like falling down a rabbit hole into her dreamy world, she sings the opening lines to one of Sublime’s most notable tracks, “Doin’ Time”:             “Summertime, and the living’s easy.” It’s the fifth track on her… Continue reading Press picks: Songs of the summer 2019

Greater Long Island

Here are some articles I wrote as an intern with Greater Long Island publications, including photos, videos, and social media components. I have worked for Greater Moriches, Greater Patchogue, Greater Babylon, and Greater Port Jefferson. 14 photos: E. Patchogue man wins Smith Point Triathlon for 7th time Message-in-a-bottle science project found 46 years later Boutique… Continue reading Greater Long Island

Mastic home awarded to Afghanistan veteran

Eric Farina was standing beside Kevin Palacios at Brookhaven Town Hall on June 25 when it was announced that Palacios, a 30-year-old U.S Marine veteran who was injured twice while serving in Afghanistan, was awarded a mortgage-free house in Mastic through the Fairway Foundation. Palacios thought he was attending a real estate seminar on the needs of veterans,… Continue reading Mastic home awarded to Afghanistan veteran

Bellport NFL Prospect Jordan Gowins Shares Advice with Inmates

Standing at 5-foot-11 and 230 pounds, in rolled up tan jeans, suede blue dress shoes, with a Gucci fanny pack and gold jewelry, Jordan Gowins stood out among the simple-clad inmates at Riverhead Corrections facility. He took a day off from a grueling 7-days-a-week training schedule as an NFL prospect to speak with some of… Continue reading Bellport NFL Prospect Jordan Gowins Shares Advice with Inmates

Composting Problems into Solutions

Originally on Eat, Drink, and Be Long Island Business Editor On March 20, Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Long Island Power Authority’s board of trustees voted to approve a food digester that will not only reduce the amount of food being sent to landfills, but also compost it and create renewable energy to go into… Continue reading Composting Problems into Solutions

Cremation Over Casket? How About Neither.

Each year around 50,000 people die in New York. While cremation and traditional burials are still the dominant methodologies of handling the dead, a third option has been gaining traction: green burials. Yet the ways in which New Yorkers are being laid to rest aren’t recorded. “States do not, on death certificates, distinguish between a… Continue reading Cremation Over Casket? How About Neither.

Stroke and Seizure Drug Moves to Clinical Trial

A potential drug compound to treat seizures and strokes, researched by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Emory University School of Medicine, went to phase one of clinical trial on April 12. The trial will be performed by NeurOp, a Georgia biotechnology company, that was co-founded in 2002 by Dr. Dennis Liotta, Executive Director of the… Continue reading Stroke and Seizure Drug Moves to Clinical Trial