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  • The Blog: Hotel Collection

    Select the dropdown menu on Hotel Collection’s blog to access different topics, ranging from Candle Care to How To’s. All Blogs Home Staycation Eco-Conscious Features Find Your Scent Candle Care 101 About Our Wines Seasonal Gift Guides

  • iINFLUENCED: Why Micro-Influencers are More Popular with Brands Now than Ever Before🤳🛍

    Did you know that micro-influencers have the highest engagement numbers out of any other type of influencer? Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, engagement rates for micro-influencers have increased by an average of 130%. Read the rest on our membership site. Join our 1,300+ iINFLUENCER community! Only at

  • iINFLUENCED: 📈How to Engage your Instagram Audience 📈

    11 Tips to Amp your Instagram Engagement: Unlock the rest of this article by becoming a paid membership. Your engagement rate is impacted by a few factors like: the time you post, the frequency of posting, your number of followers, the quality of the content and message, as well as the ever-changing Instagram algorithm. Join…

  • Go Banking Rates pt.2

    Stay up to date with my freelance work at Go Banking Rates, a space for all things business! Read about Lara Trump’s net worth here. Will Kourtney Kardashian combine assets with fiancé Travis Barker? Read here. Curious about some of our wealthiest Presidents and their children? Read here. Katie Couric released her latest memoir. Read…