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  • Citizens Options Unlimited April 2023 Newsletter

    Citizens Options Unlimited is a Long Island, New York-based nonprofit agency thst empowers people with an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD) to achieve their goals through self-directed services. Citizens believes that when people come together and work as a team great things happen. Citizens works closely with personal outcome trainers to assist people with I/DD…

  • The Blog: Hotel Collection

    Select the dropdown menu on Hotel Collection’s blog to access different topics, ranging from Candle Care to How To’s. All Blogs Home Staycation Eco-Conscious Features Find Your Scent Candle Care 101 About Our Wines Seasonal Gift Guides

  • iINFLUENCED: Why Micro-Influencers are More Popular with Brands Now than Ever Before🤳🛍

    Did you know that micro-influencers have the highest engagement numbers out of any other type of influencer? Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, engagement rates for micro-influencers have increased by an average of 130%. Read the rest on our membership site. Join our 1,300+ iINFLUENCER community! Only at

  • iINFLUENCED: 📈How to Engage your Instagram Audience 📈

    11 Tips to Amp your Instagram Engagement: Unlock the rest of this article by becoming a paid membership. Your engagement rate is impacted by a few factors like: the time you post, the frequency of posting, your number of followers, the quality of the content and message, as well as the ever-changing Instagram algorithm. Join…