Composting Problems into Solutions

Originally on Eat, Drink, and Be Long Island Business Editor On March 20, Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Long Island Power Authority’s board of trustees voted to approve a food digester that will not only reduce the amount of food being sent to landfills, but also compost it and create renewable energy to go into… Continue reading Composting Problems into Solutions

Cremation Over Casket? How About Neither.

Each year around 50,000 people die in New York. While cremation and traditional burials are still the dominant methodologies of handling the dead, a third option has been gaining traction: green burials. Yet the ways in which New Yorkers are being laid to rest aren’t recorded. “States do not, on death certificates, distinguish between a… Continue reading Cremation Over Casket? How About Neither.

More Environmental Plans Set for New York

Efforts to save the environment took precedence this Spring, as both New York State and Suffolk County legislators passed bills to further ban single-use plastic and implement waste reduction measures, with some going into effect by Jan 2020.  The Town of Brookhaven will be the first location for a compost facility east of the Mississippi… Continue reading More Environmental Plans Set for New York

Suffolk Schools Outdated Vaping Policies go up in Smoke as Epidemic Spreads Across Long Island

Brandon Johnson, 17, smokes a Juul in front of North Babylon High School. By Katherine Hoey and Erika Peters. Originally on The Osprey. Two more Suffolk County school districts are expected to join a new program by the end of February and early March alongside the county’s Department of Health to rethink how students are educated… Continue reading Suffolk Schools Outdated Vaping Policies go up in Smoke as Epidemic Spreads Across Long Island

The Wonders Of New York’s Metro Reptile Expo

Photos and article by Katherine Hoey. Originally in The Stony Brook Press It was a wet Sunday afternoon, and the parking lot outside the Westchester County Center was nearly full. Fog cut off the tips of the buildings. Groups of people of all ages and backgrounds were returning to their cars, carrying glass tanks of… Continue reading The Wonders Of New York’s Metro Reptile Expo

Columnist Carl Zimmer Discusses How Fake News Hurts Scientists

Carl Zimmer speaking at the Science and Skepticism Northeast Conference back in 2011. Zimmer spoke at the Wang Center on the consequences of fake news on Oct. 12. TERRY ROBINSON/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS VIA CC BY SA 2.0 Originally in The Statesmen On Thursday, Oct. 12, Carl Zimmer, The New York Times speaker and columnist, spoke to a packed crowdat… Continue reading Columnist Carl Zimmer Discusses How Fake News Hurts Scientists